Expressions of Growth Art Exhibition

In September 2014 the Expressions of Growth Art Exhibition was launched.

It’s a creative journey for people undergoing psychological change. Some of the people exhibiting had never expressed themselves in an artistic way before, have rekindled a childhood love of creative expression or have continued to develop their creative spirit as a result of ongoing psychological support. Their insights, courage, and perseverance not to mention their countless emotional, physical and spiritual experiences are explored and viewed through this creative process. The resultant art works are often a surprise to themselves and a physical representation of their journey. Each step of this process from the act of producing the art work to returning to view the finished product over and over, may continue to give the artist more insight into their own selves. Art as a means of therapeutic action allows individuals to go beyond the intellectual realm and explore the Self.



All artworks featured here are for sale. Please contact Rosie if you would like any further information.